Counselor-In-Training Program

Welcome to the Finger Lakes Adventure Camp Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program! Designed for enthusiastic campers aged 15 to 16, our program is a fantastic gateway to acquiring valuable skills for the future. As a CIT, you’ll delve into an exciting world of watersports, gaining hands-on experience in various activities. But it’s not just about technical prowess; here, you’ll also embrace the essence of responsibility, teamwork, and leadership. Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from guiding younger campers, helping them learn and grow. Join us for a journey that’s not only about mastering watersports but also about discovering your potential as a future leader and team player.

As an integral component of our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program at Finger Lakes Adventure Camp, participants will have the unique opportunity to engage in two complimentary weeks of our renowned Wind-N-Waves camps. This inclusion is part of the cost of the Training Week. During these weeks, CITs will actively apply and refine the skills they acquired during their training. It’s a hands-on experience that not only reinforces their learning but also allows them to immerse themselves fully in the world of watersports. From honing technical abilities to enhancing leadership and teamwork skills, these additional weeks are pivotal in solidifying their understanding and confidence in the role. To discover more about the specific skills and experiences you can gain during these enriching weeks, please see the detailed information provided below. In addition to the two complimentary weeks included in the Training Week cost, CITs have the exciting option to extend their experience at the Finger Lakes Adventure Camp.

You can continue being a CIT for additional weeks at a minimal cost of only $50 per week (no discounts apply). This opportunity allows for even more growth, skill development, and fun as you further immerse yourself in the role and make a lasting impact on the camp and its participants.

As CITs, Kiara and Annalee obtained the necessary skills to be skilled camp counselors and watesports instructors! See their smiling faces this summer!

Counselor In Training (CIT) Details

For ages: 15-16
Cost: $545 – Take advantage of the Holiday & Early Bird Specials
Maximum: 16 participants each week

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location: Myers Park, Lansing, NY

To participate in the Finger Lakes Adventure Camp Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program, it’s important to note that all applicants must be at least 14 years and entering the 9th grade. This age requirement ensures that our CITs have the maturity and readiness to embark on this enriching and responsible role within our camp community.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a CIT through FLX Adventure Camp:

  1. Leverage Your Watersports Experience: Ideal for those who have previously attended FLX Adventure Camp’s watersports camps or possess similar experience in activities like kayaking, standup paddleboarding, windsurfing, and sailing. Use your skills to guide and inspire others!
  2. Build Leadership Skills: As a CIT, you’ll develop essential leadership qualities, learning how to lead by example, manage group dynamics, and foster a safe, inclusive environment.
  3. Enhance Communication Abilities: You’ll gain experience in effective communication, a key skill in teaching and guiding young campers, ensuring they have a fun and educational experience.
  4. Gain Valuable Teaching Experience: Share your passion for watersports by teaching and mentoring new enthusiasts. This experience is invaluable for those considering a future in coaching, teaching, or outdoor leadership.
  5. Deepen Watersports Knowledge: While teaching others, you’ll also have the opportunity to deepen your own understanding of various watersports, learning advanced techniques and safety practices.
  6. Community and Network Building: Join a community of like-minded individuals, build lasting friendships, and network with professionals in the field of outdoor education and watersports.
  7. Personal Growth: The CIT role is an excellent opportunity for personal growth, allowing you to challenge yourself, increase your confidence, and develop a sense of responsibility.
  8. Career Pathways in Outdoor Education: This experience can be a stepping stone to a career in outdoor education, recreation management, or environmental conservation.
  9. Fun and Fulfillment: Enjoy the satisfaction of making a positive impact on young lives, all while having fun and engaging in activities you love.
  10. Earn Community Service Hours: If you’re a student, being a CIT can provide valuable community service hours, which can be beneficial for college applications and resumes.

Things to know about being a CIT:

As valued members of the FLX Adventure Camp community, our CITs play a crucial role by sharing their experience and passion. They provide guidance and mentorship to younger or newer campers, enhancing the learning journey. While CITs don’t have supervisory responsibilities, their contribution in fostering a supportive and enriching environment for all campers is immeasurable.

  • Mandatory CIT Development Camp: All CITs must attend the CIT Development Camp, which in 2024 is scheduled for July 1 to July 5th. We are adding an additional training week for July 8 to 12 for those who cannot attend the first week.
  • Leadership and Instruction Development: The CIT program is crafted to develop foundational skills in leadership, watersports instruction, professionalism, presentation, and support.
  • Learning and Assisting: CITs are primarily in a learning role, assisting lead counselors in the planning and execution of daily activities.
  • Hands-On Experience: CITs will practice camp counselor skills by participating in 2 additional weeks of Wind-N-Waves and Junior level camps.
  • Volunteer Position: The CIT role at FLX Adventure Camp through Paddle-N-More is a volunteer position and is not compensated monetarily.
  • Ongoing Learning Commitment: CITs are expected to continue their learning journey throughout their tenure at the camp.
  • Being a Role Model: CITs should aim to be role models, assisting in teaching techniques and setting a positive example for younger or newer campers.
  • Understanding the Importance of Role Modeling: CITs should develop an appreciation for the significance of being a role model in a camp setting.
  • Role Clarification: CITs are considered experienced campers who assist in teaching and guiding younger or newer campers at FLX Adventure Camp programs, as per the Tompkins County Department of Health regulations. They do not have supervisory authority over campers.
  • Discounted Camp Programs: We want our CITs to continue to still explore the camper experience! Registered CITs have the opportunity to register for our other camp programs at an additional discounted price of 15% – all season long! Once registered, email to obtain the discount count.
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