Exciting Changes for an Unforgettable Experience!

Our Board Sports program is now more dynamic and exciting than ever! With a revamped structure to each day, we ensure that every participant is actively engaged, learning, and having fun with a variety of water activities. Dive into the thrill of wakesurfing and wakeboarding, harness the wind with windsurfing, or find your balance in paddleboarding. For those new to watersports or seeking a different kind of thrill, we offer knee boarding and the versatile ZUP Board, perfect for tow-behind boat excitement. And for the waterskiing enthusiasts, we haven’t forgotten the classic thrill of skimming the water on skis. Alongside our additional instructors, we’ve effectively waved goodbye to “boat boredom,” welcoming a world of non-stop action and learning. And of course, we’ve also planned for some well-deserved downtime to relax and recharge.

Dynamic Daily Schedule:

  • Morning Sessions: Dive into wakeboarding and wakesurfing. With smaller groups, each participant gets ample time to ride the waves and hone their skills.
  • Afternoon Sessions: Depending on the weather, split into groups for windsurfing or standup paddleboarding (SUP). Learn to balance and navigate the winds, or enjoy the tranquil art of SUP on calmer days.
  • Skill Progression: Tailored for all levels, including returnees, to continuously develop and improve their board sports abilities.

Rotating Activities for Maximum Engagement:

  • To ensure a varied and exciting experience, campers will rotate between activities. This new approach keeps everyone actively involved, learning, and enjoying every moment.

Special Day Trip to Roseland Wake Park:

  • Exciting Excursion: As a highlight of our program, we’re planning our all-group day trip to the renowned Roseland Wake Park. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our campers to experience the park’s facilities, including the wakeboarding cable system.
  • New Cable System: We’re optimistic about the new cable system at Roseland Wake Park, especially after last year’s unforeseen complications. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a smooth experience this year!

Contingency Plan:

  • Prepared for Any Scenario: While we anticipate a successful trip to Roseland Wake Park, we are prepared for any unexpected issues. If there are complications with the park’s facilities, we will still have a fun-filled day on the boat with various water activities.
  • Important Note: Please be aware that there are no refunds in case the trip to Roseland Wake Park is altered or replaced with alternative water activities.

At FLX Adventure Camp, the fun doesn’t stop, even when the weather keeps us off the water! We’re excited to introduce an array of land-based activities, ensuring our campers stay engaged and active, come rain or shine.

As part of our contingency plan, we’ll focus on boardsports skills on land:

  • Mountain and Skateboarding: Can’t hit the water? No problem! Our campers can develop their boardsports skills on land with mountain and skateboarding sessions. It’s a perfect way to build balance, coordination, and confidence. Helmets and all necessary protective gear are provided.

Design Your Own Skateboard Deck:

  • Creative Expression: Tap into your artistic side with our ‘Design Your Own Skateboard Deck’ activity. This hands-on workshop allows campers to unleash their creativity and design a unique skateboard deck. The best part? They get to take their masterpiece home!

We’re dedicated to providing a dynamic and versatile experience for all our campers. We’re still going to hit the water, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, but high winds and storms push us off the water. We want to make sure our Boardsports crew will continue to be engaged, even on land.

Why Choose Our Enhanced Board Sports Program?

  • More Instructors, More Learning: With additional instructors on board, every camper receives personalized guidance and support.
  • Customized Experience: Activities are tailored to the weather and the group’s interests, ensuring a unique experience every day.
  • No Downtime: Our revamped schedule means campers are always in action, either learning new skills or perfecting old ones.

Join Us for a Summer of Adventure!

Get ready for a summer packed with excitement, learning, and incredible water experiences. Sign up now for our Board Sports Adventure Program and set sail for an unforgettable journey!

Camp Details

For ages: 12-16
Cost: $695 Early Bird: 10% off
Maximum – 8 participants

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Join us at our Board Sports program for a summer filled with adventure, skill-building, and non-stop excitement. Sign up now and be part of this thrilling watersports experience!

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