Adventure is at the heart of our programs.  At FLX Adventure Camp we utilize outdoor recreation and exploration of our natural surroundings as a way to engage youth in the outdoors. 

Kayak day-trip lake crossing to Taughannock Falls!

Good news! Due to recent growth in popularity, we have decided to increase our number of participants that can sign up for our watersports programs! That being said, with larger groups, there is often an increased number of challenges to overcome. When learning new and sometimes difficult watersports in large groups, it becomes difficult to maintain camper engagement during such activities. This means we may be splitting campers into small groups in order to effectively teach the required skills and safety for future success on the water. Not to worry, after basic instruction has been given, we will then recombine to practice and play!

To help maintain this safe and effective learning environment, we are also hiring more staff! This season, our Wind and Waves program will be following a 1:8 ratio and our Juniors program will be following a 1:6 ratio. With new staff, there comes a need for new training. Changes will be made on this front as well! Many of our senior counselors have been tasked with generating new ideas on how to maintain camper engagement through the week such as new games and activities, adding weekly themes and so much more! We will also be modifying our counselor training curriculum to reflect the everchanging needs of our participants. This includes an in depth discussion on social emotional health and wellbeing in kids and adults, introducing new teaching techniques, and adding more time on the water to practice the fundamentals for each sport we offer.

Here, at Finger Lakes Adventure Camp through Paddle-N-More, our goal is to provide children and teens opportunities, not just to learn how to have fun on the water through outdoor recreation, adventure, and water-sports programs, but our overall goal is to help children and youth build the necessary strategies for leading successful, independent and complete lives!  Research indicates that adventure and outdoor activities are a wonderful platform that help with this process.  Through a combination of fun outdoor recreation programs and highly qualified camp staff and instructors, participants get to explore the wonders of the outdoors through structured and fun activities.

Over the years, we have watched many campers grow through our programs. They love to explore! They love the experience!  They love to play on the water! Not only do we watch these kids have fun, we watch many build their self-esteem and grow into individuals who are strong, smart, courageous, and motivated.  There is something very MAGICAL watching children go through our camp programs. 

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”

– William Feather

Important Note:

 FLX Adventure Camp has been running outdoor adventure and camp programming for over 10 years. We understand working with youth in adverse conditions. We are highly trained and experienced in assessing and mitigating risk. This does not mean there aren’t inherit risk to outdoor recreation and adventure.  Our camp staff are trained in risk management, are highly aware of the natural surroundings, including environmental and weather conditions, because our first concern is the safety of participants.

We often get asked – Why do you charge so much? There are a lot of hidden costs to adventure programs. And, one of those hidden costs is your child’s safety! Our camps are highly active and we expose children to natural environments where we do not always have control over the elements. Although, your children are teamed up with outdoor professionals and educators who have years of experience and training to work with people in the outdoors. As stated earlier, we are trained in risk management and understand your child’s readiness for the water-sports they participate in. Much of our leadership team has worked hard to receive several over-arching certifications to ensure we are following the best practices in the outdoor recreation industry. Our main focus is to keep your child safe, all while gaining exposure and experience to the water-sports we love! As previously stated, at FLX Adventure Camp, all instructors and camp counselors obtain a full week of training before any campers even arrive! We are continually out working on and honing our water-sports skills!

We cannot claim outdoor environments are safe from harm, but with all our training we do what we can to mitigate the dangers of outdoor sports. This doesn’t mean we are super-human and can control every little thing. There will be deep water, there will be wind and waves, and there will be bees. We are an outdoor camp after all.

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