Adventure is at the heart of our programs.  At FLX Adventure Camp we utilize outdoor recreation and exploration of our natural surroundings as a way to engage youth in the outdoors. 

Through FLX Adventure Camp through Paddle-N-More, our goal is to provide children and youth opportunities to not just learn how to have fun on the water through outdoor recreation, adventure, and paddle-sports programs, our overall goal is to help children and youth build the necessary strategies for leading a successful, independent and complete life!  Research indicates that adventure and outdoor activities are a wonderful platform that help with this process.  Through a combination of fun outdoor recreation programs, highly qualified camp staff and instructors, children and youth get to play outdoors through structured and fun activites.

Over the years, we have watched many campers grow through our programs.  They love to explore! They love the experience!  They love to play on the water!  Not only do we watch these kids have fun, we watch many build their self-esteem and grow into individuals who are strong, smart, courageous, and motivated.   There is something very MAGICAL watching children go through our camp programs. 

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