Since its inception in 2011, Finger Lakes Adventure Camps through Paddle-N-More has been at the forefront of delivering dynamic adventure-based programs in the picturesque Finger Lakes region. Our dedication to program growth and diversity is rooted in a deep commitment to expeditionary and activity-based learning.

From exhilarating travel programs that take explorers on unforgettable journeys, to our newly added mountain biking adventures, and our renowned long-standing watersports programs, we continuously evolve to offer a wide array of experiences. Each program is meticulously crafted to not only thrill and engage but also to foster personal growth, environmental stewardship, and a lifelong love for outdoor adventures.

At Finger Lakes Adventure Camp, provided by Paddle-N-More, we’re dedicated to more than just fun through the outdoors; we’re here to foster a foundation for lifelong success. Our camp is an immersive environment where children and teens not only learn to navigate the waves but also discover essential life skills. Research supports the role of adventure in aiding personal development, and our programs are designed to harness this potential.

Our campers’ enthusiasm is the heart of our camp. They arrive eager for adventure and leave with more than just memories of play on the shimmering lakes. We’re privileged to witness their transformation, as they bolster their self-esteem, cultivate resilience, and awaken a sense of independence. The true magic lies in watching each camper evolve, becoming individuals who are confident, resourceful, and ready to take on the world.

Come and experience the magic for yourself. Dive into the adventure and let the wonders of nature inspire growth and joy in your child’s life at Finger Lakes Adventure Camp.

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”

– William Feather

We’re often asked about the value behind our pricing. Let us be transparent: the safety and personalized attention your child receives at our camp are second to none. With a focus on water sports, we maintain a lower camper-to-counselor ratio than most, adhering to NYS Health Department requirements to ensure close, attentive supervision.

Our leadership team is not only passionate but also highly certified, constantly updating our skills to align with the best practices in outdoor recreation. This dedication extends to all our instructors and counselors, who undergo a comprehensive week of training before meeting their campers. They’re not just staff – they’re enthusiastic guardians of your child’s safety and mentors in their journey towards water sports mastery.

While we embrace the unpredictable spirit of the outdoors, our team is adept at managing and minimizing risks. Yes, nature comes with its own set of challenges – from deep waters to the whims of the weather – but rest assured, we’re always prepared. After all, it’s the unscripted moments that make the camp experience truly memorable.

Join us at FLX Adventure Camp, where your child will not only learn to navigate the waters but will also build resilience, character, and a lifetime of memories.

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