COVID-19 Update for 2021

As many of you continue to monitor the changes that are occuring due to COVID-19, this page will provide updates related to FLX Adventure Camp at Paddle-N-More. As of now, FLX Adventure camp will run camps for the summer of 2021.

The process to provide our summer camp programs last year was not an easy one. The decision to continue to run summer camps is based on the state of our society and the need for children to get outdoors. As we children continue to experience upheaval and daily changes due to the increased stress and anxiety due to remote learning, the need to social distance ourselves, etc. FLX Adventure Camp at Paddle-N-More, one of our ultimate goals is to provide quality outdoor recreation programming that creates balance in the lives of children.

Watching much of our educational system go remote and online was a driving force for us to keep our camps live and in person. Believe me, we considered creating virtual camps! But, the majority of us at FLX Adventure Camp live by the philosophy that we need to disconnect from technology for our own personal mental and physical health.

With that said – here we are! Working to keep camps open this summer 2021 season! Please know, things can change in a day, in a week, in a month. As we continue to move foward, we will continue to work hard to stay flexible and positve through these times.

Because we had to cancel some of our more specialized programs and to keep up with set guidelines, we have made some changes to our programming. Our signature camp, Wind-n-Waves, has been divided into two separate camps by age – Wind-n-Waves Intermediate and Senior. This year, we have additional sessions of our Wind-n-Waves Junior and Board Sports camps as well!

Our goal for the 2021 summer is to still create an engaging water-sports atmosphere all while working to follow COVID-19 related guidelines and protocol to keep both campers and counselors healthy. Please do know, our camp will not necessarily be the same as previous years. But, we will work hard to create a fun and safe atmosphere for your child/children.

Note: We will continue to monitor the changes due to COVID-19 made as we move into the summer months. 

To date, the following changes have been made:

What we are doing:

  • Due to increased labor costs and costs related to changes made to our operational procedures due to COVID, we do need to increase our prices this coming season. We do work hard to keep our prices reasonable, but to run camps accordingly and make sure our camp counselors receive proper training and compensensation, we realized raising the prices was a necessity.
  • Reduced density by lowering the number of participants in each activity group. Due to this, we had to hire more camp staff.
  • Creating a full week of watersports camp training with COVID-19 specific protocol and scenario training.
  • We are actively examining and changing our arrival screening and health response procedures for our camp programs as instructed by the NYS DOH, the CDC and the American Camp Association.
  • Continue to follow our cleaning and sanitization procedures to include the specific anti-viral measures suggested/required by our local health department and CDC.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all watersports gear and shared spaces between activities using a protocol of using a bleach solution, disinfectant wipes, soap and water and drying. 
  • Increasing our hand washing and hygiene protocol by purchasing a handwashing stations and providing hand sanitizer.
  • Our camp staff are committed to staying home when we have signs or symptoms of any illness and working with our county to see if we can obtain testing for camp staff and employees.
  • Requiring face coverings for campers and camp counselors when in situations where we cannot adhere to the physical distance requirements of six feet – this includes land activities and breaks.
  • We are developing activity and instructional procedures to follow the “social distancing” guidelines established by the NYS DOH. 
  • Cancelled that require extensive travel/transportation – all parents/guardians have been refunded for the cancellation
    • Destination Exploration Adirondack Canoe Adventure
    • Standup Paddleboard Whitewater Skills Camp
  • Monitoring both camp counselors and campers daily by taking temperature.
  • Requiring our camp counselors to get tested before camps begin, get tested every other week, and stay home if they have any symptoms or do not feel good All health protocol will be reviewed and monitored by our health director who is available on site at our Myers Park location

Summer Camp Guidelines, COVID-19 and Code of Conduct:

We are currently updating our summer camp guidelines with the protocol for both campers and parent expectations related to COVID-19.  Those guidelines will be emailed out to parents next week for review.  The updated guidlines will include several updates to our daily protocol.  Some of the changes and updates include:

Please understand – It takes a team!

Disclaimer: As much as we would love to state we can keep COVID-19 out of our camp, we cannot guarantee that statement. There are a lot of unknowns with this virus. We are taking a risk by still providing an engaging summer camp experience for your children. You are also taking a risk by enrolling your child/children in our camps.

Do know this! We still value providing quality programs that not only provide fun and teach skills through water-sports, we also work toward building courage, leadership, and compassion in the campers we work with. We will continue to build those values into our programming, all while developing and following guidelines and protocol to reduce the chances of the virus entering our camp. It really truly takes a team! That team includes the crew at FLX Adventure Camp at Paddle-N-More and YOU!

More udpates to come!