Welcome Parents and Guardians!
Thank you for registering your child/children with FLX Adventure Camp at

We are back for another season of FLX Adventure Camp! Please read to prepare your children for a
week of fun on the water! We are working hard to continue to develop games and activities on and off the water that are engaging because we feel it is important to provide programs that are designed to help your child gain a fuller appreciation, curiosity, and respect for aquatic activities, while having fun adventures.

This summer season all campers will have opportunities to build skills under the instruction of highly
trained instructors/counselors in kayaking, canoeing, standup paddleboarding, windsurfing, and sailing.

Several changes are occurring, and we need you, as parents/guardians, to cover these requirements
with your children BEFORE you bring them to camp. Please read the Camp Guidelines carefully and
follow all requests within. This document provides details for what to expect on Monday morning
drop-off, COVID-19 screening, our drop-off and pick-up guidelines, what to expect during camp, and how to prepare your child for an enjoyable week. Please read and discuss the Code of Conduct with your child/children. It is expected that you and your child/children will have reviewed and signed our Code of Conduct as part of your registration prior to the start of camp.

Please read our Camp Guidelines carefully and email Sydney@FLXAdventureCamp.com with any

Sydney Bishop
Camp Director

In order to insure everyone has a fun and safe summer season, FLX Adventure Camp at Paddle-N-More will follow our code of conduct extensively. Disruptive and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. All children are expected to display appropriate behavior at all times and follow our guidelines. Please review this code of conduct with your child/children to ensure all family members understand the expectations at camp.  

To assure the maximum enjoyment of the program by all participants, your child is expected to: 

• Show respect to all participants, staff, gear, and the natural environment. 

• Be pleasant to others and refrain from using foul language. 

• Refrain from causing harm to self, other participants, and staff. 

• Use equipment, supplies, and facilities properly. 

• Always wear shoes. 

• Stay with FLX Adventure Camp groups  and not mingle with other park patrons  or camps unrelated to FLX Adventure  Camp. 

*Parents AND children are expected to have read and virtually signed the Code of Conduct prior to arrival at camp*

If behavior problems arise, parents/guardians will be contacted that day to discuss the nature of the problem. The following disciplinary techniques will be used for uncooperative children:

• Verbal warning 

• Time out: the child is removed from the activity (but not from the vicinity) for the duration of up to 30 minutes. All time outs will be supervised and documented by the camp director.  

• Parent involvement: if the child has difficulty controlling themselves, the parent will be contacted to handle the situation. 

• Removal from the program: if problems persist or the behavior is severe such as causing intentional harm to others or the environment, or consistent disruptions of camp activities, the child will be removed from the program for the day or the rest of the week without refund. 

• Both parents/guardians and children are expected to virtually sign indicating they have read, understand, and will follow the code of conduct. Please keep this page for review with your children.

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